Songs of the Week

Thabang’s Song of the Week (18 January 2019)

Good Day, I hope you are having a great January.
I’ve decided to start posting my song of the week every single Friday. The songs will come from any genre, it might be old, new, well-known or even unknown.
My first song of the week is Backwoods by Parliament.
Parliament is one of the oldest groups I’ve ever come across in my music listening life. The other being group being none other than The Isley Brothers who started making music or let’s say releasing music in 1953. While on them did you know that they started by making Gospel music that’s all before Vernon Isley who is the youngest brother passed away a few years into their career as a group.
Now coming back to Parliament. The group was started by a guy named George Clinton somewhere in the late ’60s I could not get a specific year and guess what this song was actually released last year in May as part of their 10th album Medicaid Fraud Dogg after what I would refer to as a 38 years hiatus but if you know them I guess you are busy saying what hiatus Thabang, these guys are P-Funk or Funkadelic depending on who you are talking to.
Without wasting your time I suggest you check out thier song below.