DStv Signs Deal with Netflix and Amazon

DStv pens a deal with Netflix and Amazon which by the looks of what has happened in Europe will allow people to have the basic DStv subscription and then above and beyond that if you have a subscription of Netflix or maybe Amazon Prime you can then have access to those stuff via a new Dstv Decoder which seems to be in the pipeline, it’s similar to what they have with the current version of Explora where you can watch Showmax on it. Please also bear in mind that they have been saying they are going to launch a dish less offering so maybe this might be it.

While we are Showmax, Showmax cuts Leon Schuster movies from its service and cites racial overtones as the main reason.

WhatsApp in Brazil launches what they call WhatsApp Pay after it was in Beta for a while in India it allows you to pay people via the App, they say this is more of integration of Facebook Pay which was launched for Facebook Messenger and Instagram in November last year but has only been available on the main Facebook App in the USA if I’m not mistaken.

Sony finally showed us the PS5 and besides the colour I actually like it and I will talk about it on Thursday’s episode of the podcast which will be talking specifically about the console and the games that they have showcased the last couple of weeks.

Twitter is adding a Retweet Prompt that if you haven’t read an article you want to retweet would ask you to read the article first before you retweet it. Which I believe is a nice way for them to curb fake news on these twitter streets.

They are also testing a feature that allows you to send a voice note at roundabout 140 seconds or somewhere there it’s being tested on iOS and will be released to more iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Snap the owners of Snapchat have announced their plans for the coming year and it seems like they are positioning themselves to be more like WeChat which if you have been under a rock is owned by Tencent which is the biggest investor into Snap now back to the matter at hand it seems like after launched Snap Games two years ago, this year they are going with Snapchat Minis which seem to be one of the biggest money generators at WeChat. Minis are mini-sites or let’s say Apps that you can access through the App if you have used WeChat then you will know what I am talking about as it’s filled with Minis.

Zoom will allow the end to end encryption for all users after people complained about the lack there off. On the other hand, Google is giving Google Meet more powers to fight Zoom this time around you are able to make Google Meet calls via Gmail on Android and iOS.

If you are on YouTube Music then it just got an update. You now have an Explore tab which enables you to see new music and you can also choose music based on your mood which is very nice. I also saw that they now have a related tab on a song you are listening to just next to up next and lyrics which gives you similar music or stuff you might like, more stuff by that artist and the other playlist you might find the song or artist in.

Cell C is set to retrench 40% of it’s a workforce which is round about 960 people as part of their turn around plan, I’m sorry for the people that might lose their jobs and at the same time, I hope it works and it also makes me wonder why didn’t they allow that Telkom deal to go through.

If you have never played the game then you should check out Injustice God’s Amongst Us it’s free on Xbox, PS4 and PC until the 25th of June 2020. It’s part of the Play at the Home initiative by Warner Bros Games. A while back they gave us Ninjago Movie Video Game.

Forgot to include this a whole back but if you are on Spotify they’ve gotten rid of the 10 thousand limits for songs in the library. It used to be 3333, then it went to that 10 000 and now we can say it’s unlimited.

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