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Tech News South Africa (09/06/2020)

Tech News South Africa

Facebook has launched a tool that can enable you to delete all those pesky posts that you want all gone from your profile. It’s called Manage Activity Tool and it enables you to delete them in bulk, you can choose by date, type of content or even people mentioned and it’s available to certain individuals and being rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks.  

MTN joins the 5G wagon. In fact, from my point of view, it looks like they mistakenly let it slip via their instore Yello magazines. The plan was to make sure that by June all is set but then COVID said nope because the magazine says it’s working or something like that but it’s not working as yet.

Snapchat joins the Trump vs Social Media debacle. It said it will no longer promote Trumps stuff under discover.

Microsoft has started rolling out its new Chromium-based Edge browser to all Windows users, it was launched in January this but Microsoft opted not to push it out to everyone you had to willingly download it to use but that has changed.

Zoom recently bought an end to end encryption company to encrypt the video chats y’all have but it seems like that feature won’t be going to everyone on the service, it will only be going to paying users so if you aren’t paying you aren’t safe. While on the other side Google is still going to the offence by launching another Zoom like the feature of inviting people via links on Google Duo.

Lastly, we speak about games, last week Sony postponed the PS5 launch date and it now seems like it will be launched this week on the 12 or 11, EA’s Need For have Heat becomes their first game to have crossplay for PC, PS4 and Xbox.

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