Tech News South Africa (02 June 2020)

Tech News South Africa

MTN launches EveryDayGigs

MTN has launched what they call the EverydayGigs starting at 1Gig for R29 with the highest bundle being R699. 

The way they are set up is kind of nice, if you get the R29 bundle then you get a Gig for that day and when you go up to R49 it doubles to 2 Gigs for that day, R149 is 7 Gigs which is given to you as 1 Gig every day from midnight. R199 is 14 Gigs per week which is 2 Gigs per day and monthly ones being R499 and R699 with the first one being 1 Gig per day for the whole month while the second one is for 2 Gigs per day for the whole month. 

Google Maps launches Plus Codes

Google Maps launches what they call Plus Codes which is more of a take at Whats3Words to simply Maps for people that don’t have a proper address so for example instead of me saying I live at whatever street in Soweto I can just say I live at PR97+97 Soweto and it will give you my exact place whereas with Whats3Words I would say the workshops.gangs.pimples. 

Speaking about What3Words. Vodacom has zero-rated the App meaning just like your banking App you can actually use this App for free which is very nice. 

Trump vs. Twitter

In an ongoing Spat on Thursday last week, Trump signed a declaratory order that could potentially reduce the protection that social media companies have after twitter marked a tweet by him for a fact check.

In response to the new executive order, Twitter issued the following statement: “This EO is a reactionary and politicized approach to a landmark law. #Section230 protects American innovation and freedom of expression, and it’s underpinned by democratic values. Attempts to unilaterally erode it threatens the future of online speech and Internet freedoms.” Facebook has also got into this whole thing by defending Section 230

Huawei launches P40 Series. 

After giving us the P40 Lite as of the 1st of June, Huawei launched their Huawei P40 series. That’s the P40 and the P40 Pro with the standard version being R16 999 and the Pro version at R20 999. 

These phones come with the 5G capabilities meaning if you are fortunate to be in the 5G regions then you have 3 phones to choose from which are these two and the LG V50 ThinQ. 

Let’s not forget that these devices don’t come with Google, yeah they ate running on Android but it doesn’t mean they will be coming will all of Google Apps so instead of the Play Store you will have to go through their AppGallery which has a lot of Apps but doesn’t have stuff like Facebook and Instagram. 

Sony Shutdown for Killzone: Mercenary 

Sony shut down the server on Killzone: Mercenary without prior notice. This was my favourite game on my PS Vita back when I still had it. So last week Sony shutdown the online server without prior notice to the users, normally what happens is that they give you a year or maybe 6 months before they shut down this time around no notice whatsoever. 

Capitec partners with EasyEquities

Capitec has some sort of agreement with EasyEquities where customers can now buy shares via their new Capitec App which I find as a win for customers from Capitec as they wouldn’t have to transfer funds to the other side as they will be able to just buy shares there and there. If I am not mistaken EasyEquities has the same arrangement with Bidvest Bank. 

Cashback on Spotify & Netflix (eBucks)

For people on spousal accounts they can get cash back on subscriptions for Netflix and Spotify it can be up to 40% cashback

On the Pod I said you can pay by eBucks which is not what was announced however this is actually nice and if you want ways for your subscription to be paid for then you should know that Pineapple gives points which can help you pay for Netflix I think you get R200 for a 1000 points. 

Yeah, folks, that’s all for today’s episode. 

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